Hoole Community Centre – Westminster Road, Hoole, Chester


The community building was in danger of closing.


  • The establishment of a sustainable business base for the charity which manages the building
  • Introduction of new community focused activities at the Centre
  • Significant improvements to the physical state of the building
  • Considerable success in generating third party funding for improvements.


Hoole Community Centre is a former school building which is leased by CWaC from Hoole All Saints Church.  CWaC in turn lease the building to Hoole Community Development Trust (HDCT).  The building had operated as a community centre since 1987 but in 2013 was in danger of closing due to a financial crisis within HCDT.

CWaC has been keen to support HCDT in keeping the centre open and has supported the process of developing a sustainable business base for the future.

Improving standards

In 2013 local ward members jointly funded a one year centre manager post to identify and develop new opportunities to create a sustainable business base, which focused on generating greater local community participation and support for activities at the centre.  The centre manager has achieved this and is now generating her own salary.

CWaC has also supported this project by relocating the local branch library to the centre, and by upgrading the kitchen and heating at the centre.

HCDT has successfully bid for and secured over £150k of external funding, which is focused on further improvement of facilities.  Regular volunteer days have helped with decorating the building.

The ‘Hoole Hub’ project which is currently being delivered following a successful Peoples Millions Lottery bid in November 2014.  This will see the introduction of a linked community café//library and will seek to draw in the socially isolated residents of Hoole by providing targeted cookery classes and IT support around communication.  The community café will open in June 2015.

The Centre now provides a focal point for a range of other community activities including a cinema club, quiz nights, family BBQs etc.